Reflective Truck and Caravan Signs!

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Hi There!

We are now starting to produce complaint reflective truck and caravan signage, we are happy to also produce special requests if you may have them!

Here are some quick handy facts we go from the Western Australian Department for Planning and Infrastructure. NOTE: Please consult your state's regulation if unsure.


All vehicles with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) over 12 tonnes and trailers with a gross trailer mass (GTM) over 10 tonnes must be fitted with retroreflective rear marking plates. Buses with a gross vehicle mass over 12 tonnes must also be fitted with rear marking plates but buses fitted with hand grips or similar equipment for standing passengers to hold are exempt from these requirements.

See our range of Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle Signage here!

Prime mover and semi-trailer combinations must display the plates at the rear of the semi-trailer. Rear marking plates may also be fitted to any motor vehicle with less than 12 tonnes gross vehicle mass or to any trailer with less than 10 tonnes gross trailer mass. If your vehicle (meaning the towing vehicle together with the trailer and projecting load) is 7.5 metres long or longer, you may then also have the sign “DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE” displayed at the rear.


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